Best Vacuum For Pet Hair in Carpet

Carpets and pets don’t mix. Especially when it comes to the problem of how to remove dog and cat hair from your carpets. Not all vacuum cleaners are powerful enough or have the right brushes to fully remove pet hair from carpets. Fear not: we have the guide you’re looking for and will help take you through the process of finding the best vacuum for your pet hair removing needs.

Let’s get to it.

How Does Pet Hair Gets Embedded Into Carpets?

Your pets often shed hair, which is very tiny and clings to carpets and other surfaces. It can be challenging to get them off. No amount of care can prevent your pet hair from getting embedded in your carpet. It can not only be embarrassing for you but uncomfortable for your guests as well.

How Often Should You Vacuum Pet Hair from Carpets?

It is recommended that you vacuum once every two or three days to prevent pet hair from collecting at your home. When you vacuum numerous times a week, you should target those areas where your pets spend a lot of time. You can also carry out deep cleaning once a month.

What Vacuum Features and Accessories Will Help Pick Up Pet Hair?

Powerful Suction

Corded vacuums aren’t the only ones that can provide you with powerful suction. There are powerful cordless vacuums that provide powerful suction as well. Don’t look for anything lower than a 12amp. If you can find higher, go for it.

Many manufacturers are giving special attachments to amplify the suction power. These accessories can make a big deal. You will either have to get a vacuum with a powerful suction or get one that comes with special attachments aimed at pet hair.

Roller Brush

A roller brush is also indispensable when choosing a vacuum for pet hair. If you can find one that has an on/off switch with the power brush, get that one. The switch is desirable because the roller brush may blow away the hair before you can vacuum it.

Standard or handheld

You wouldn’t need a handheld vacuum if you can get one that has special attachments to maneuver hard-to-reach areas or one that possesses powerful suction. However, a handheld vacuum comes in handy when you have to reach narrow spaces, which can be difficult for conventional vacuums. Just make sure that the handheld device comes with enough suction power or special attachments.

Filters and Bags

Never ignore the bag and filter system. It’s more beneficial if you use a multi-layer filter to contain most of the hair and dust inside the vacuum and prevent it from blowing into the atmosphere or reaching the motor. When it comes to the capture bag, the speed in which it gets clogged should be a significant consideration.

Some vacuums don’t possess the capacity to contain large amounts of hair, and it will not function properly. If you want, you can just ignore the bag and get a vacuum that has a bin.

Pet Hair in Carpet Vacuum Reviews

Dyson Upright Vacuum Cleaner Ball Animal 2 Review

The Dyson Ball line-up is infamous for its quality vacuums that explicitly target pet hair. Animal 2 is a very well-rounded offering from Dyson. Dyson claims that the ball animal 2 possesses the most powerful suction of any vacuum. This claim is based on the ASTM F558 test, which is the industry’s test for calculating the vacuum air performance.
What is even more impressive is that the company provides a 5-year warranty. In an industry where even a one year warranty is so rare, having such an extended warranty portrays the trust the company has in their product. You will be using this vacuum for a long time.

The high-power mini brush tool, cleaning head, instant release wand, and powerful suction all combine to give you a potent tool that will wipe out pet hair from your carpets in an instant.

The machine also includes a HEPA filtration to capture bacteria and dangerous germs in your environment. This makes it a very suitable tool for homes with pets and children. With just a push of a button, you can also hygienically empty the bin.

The self-adjusting cleaner heads work tremendously well to provide you a squeaky-clean experience across tile floors, vinyl, wood, and carpet. The vacuum also comes with a stair tool, turbine tool, and combination tool.


• Potent suction to target even the finest hair
• Very effective against pet hair
• Washable filters to remove stubborn hair stuck inside the tool
• Very versatile and useful add-ons


• Suction may be too hard and is not suitable for thick carpets

Hoover T-Series Wind Tunnel Pet Rewind Vacuum Review

With superb filtration, precision tools, and powerful suction, this vacuum from Hoover provides you with everything you’ll need to combat those pesky pet hair while at the same time being gentle on your carpet. Featuring WindTunnel technology and the widely sought after HEPA media, this vacuum ensures you a seamless vacuuming experience.

The Pet Rewind features an easy-to-rinse filter and retractable cord to provide convenience and user-friendliness. With its five-point height adjustments, you can easily adjust the setting to suit different types of surfaces from hard floors to deep carpets.

The company also claims that the HEPA media can contain up to an impressive 99.97% of bacteria and germs. It also features a system check indicator to notify you when there is a clog and even when the filter requires a check or clean.
It is also quite portable, and thanks to the folding handle, you will have no problems storing it in small spaces. It weighs less than 19 pounds so that you will have no issue maneuvering it around your home or office. To provide a broad cleaning experience, it includes a dusting brush, turbo tool, crevice tool, and extension wand.
It is a very versatile, convenient, and powerful tool that targets explicitly pet hair across many surfaces.


• Excellent suction power to pick up hair embedded into the carpet weave
• Easy-to-clean filters to remove fine hairs stuck inside
• Lightweight
• Automatic cord rewinder
• Doesn’t make a lot of noise while vacuuming
• Affordable

• Only one extension pipe

Dyson V8 Animal Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner Review

Sporting a robust motor inside the brush bar, this vacuum powers strong nylon bristles deep inside your carpet to brush off pet hair and eliminate ground-in dirt effectively. This tool is also cord-free, so you don’t have to deal with those pesky cords, you can easily clean whenever and where ever you need to. Absolutely no restriction on your reach, you can clean the narrowest or highest levels of your home.

You can also transform it into a handheld tool so that you can clean your sofa, your car, or even your stairs. It has 30 minutes of run time, and the battery runs only when you use it for cleaning.

Thanks to its whole machine filtration, it adequately captures allergens and leaves you with a cleaner environment. Through its hygienic dirt ejector, you can clean out dirt without having to touch it at all, and all it takes is a single button push.

It is also super light, so you should have no problem taking it from room to room, and you don’t have to exert body weight to use it. It is a genuinely versatile portable and powerful device that you can use to clean virtually any place.


• Powerful vacuuming to pick up fine hair strands
• Portable
• Very versatile and can be used both for pet and human hairs
• Cord-free
• Effectively traps allergens


• Battery does not last very long

Dyson V11 Animal Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Review

Dyson claims that the V11 sports the most potent bristle head of any Dyson vacuum. The sturdy nylon bristles go very deep into the carpet to remove the toughest of dirt and pet hairs. The anti-static soft carbon fiber filaments successfully contain dust from cervices and hard floors.

It also features an LED display that will notify you of filter maintenance, blockages, and cleaning modes. You can also easily switch between Boost, Auto, and Eco modes.

It also boasts the most powerful battery from Dyson and provides 20% higher suction power than the V10. Thanks to Dyson’s very own DLS system, the speed automatically changes when cleaning between hard surfaces and carpets to give you an efficient cleaning experience. It also supports drop-in docking; all you have to do is hang your tool into the wall-mounted charging dock for a quick, powerful charge.


• Portable
• Very versatile
• Effective for dog and cat hair
• Adjusts power according to surface
• Cord-less
• In-dock charging supported


• Battery doesn’t last very long
• No LEDs on the head to light up in dark spaces
• Cannot stand on its own

Bissell Clean View Swivel Pet Upright Bagless Vacuum Cleaner Review

Powering a triple-action brush roll, this vacuum from Bissell is powerful enough to clean the toughest of dirt, germs, stains, or pet hair. It also features a scatter-free technology so that you can easily clean hard floors while preventing debris scattering. With the high-tech edge to edge cleaning, you can pick up pet hair on either side of the brush roll for a comprehensive cleanup.

Thanks to the multi-cyclonic suction, there is no loss of suction and gives you a precise cleaning experience. The multi filtration feature effectively traps the debris and dust. Due to its special attachments and stretch hose, you can clean hard to reach areas as well.


• Lightweight and portable
• Great for pet hair
• Easy to assemble
• Large bins accommodate fur balls from long-haired canines


• Construction is not very sturdy

BISSELL Cleanview Rewind Pet Deluxe Upright Vacuum Cleaner

The triple-action brush effectively loosens, lifts, and eliminates embedded dirt and pet hair across numerous surfaces to give you a thorough cleaning experience. The scatter-free technology also ensures that your cleaning is free from a scattering of debris. Even though it is corded, it has an automatic cord rewind so that you won’t have to bother wrapping the vacuums cord.

With its edge to edge cleaning, you can easily pick up pet hair and debris from either side of the head for a deep cleaning session. The multi-cyclonic suction traps dirt for a more extended period and does not lose any suction power while cleaning.

The vacuum is very low maintenance, and thanks to the multi-level filtration and easy-to-clean filters, the vacuum’s filters will last a very long time.


• Low-maintenance
• Easy to empty stubborn pet hair that sticks to any surface
• Makes nice vacuum lines
• Lightweight


• Not very suitable for high-pile carpet
• Not sufficient storage for all the attachments

Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away TruePet Review

For the best cleaning experience, this vacuum features four modes: TruePet mini motorized brush mode, Above-floor mode, Powered lift-away mode, and an upright mode. It also supports fingertip controls on the vacuums handle so that you can easily switch between modes while cleaning hard floors or carpets. With led lights on the nozzle and handle, you will have no problem cleaning even in poorly lit areas.

With its advanced dynamic swivel steering you will have superb control while cleaning through obstacles. HEPA filters also effectively trap allergens to make sure that your environment and atmosphere is not just clean but also healthy.


• Appealing design
• Excellent brush pattern
• Supports LED lights
• Superior suction power to pick up fine hair stuck in carpets and wool


• Heavy

BISSELL Cleanview Swivel Rewind Pet Upright Bagless Vacuum Review

The triple-action brush will effectively clean even dirt and pet hair embedded into your carpet. Like many vacuums from BISSELL, it also supports scatter free technology so that you don’t have to worry about debris scattering while cleaning. Thanks to its automatic cord rewind, the cords automatically rewinds itself with the simple push of a button, saving you time.

The edge-to-edge cleaning feature will provide you with a thorough cleaning experience and traps pet hair from both sides of the machine. It also comes with specialized pet tools that will effectively lift pet hair from the trickiest of places.

The multi-cyclonic action system gives you an extended cleaning performance without any loss of suction power. The swivel steering also makes cleaning more manageable when you maneuver around obstacles.


• Huge Swivel
• Easy to maneuver
• Extra attachments for pet hair
• HEPA technology traps allergens


• Construction is not very sturdy

Shark Navigator Upright Vacuum Review

For a compelling cleaning experience, this vacuum supports two modes – the lift-away mode and the upright mode. For a deep cleaning experience, you can use the vertical mode, or you can use the lift-away mode to reach high areas or small places. Regardless of which mode you use, it will effectively eliminate pet hair.

It is specially designed for hair removal, so for those wanting a vacuum for removing pet hair, this tool will do an excellent job. The swivel steering features ensure that you trap pet hair even in the narrowest or trickiest areas.
It is also very user-friendly. The canister is super easy to empty, and its weight and size make it very convenient to use. It comes with various attachments for targeting stairs and pet hair.


• Beautiful design
• Easy to maneuver
• Superb for pet hair


• Cord is not very long
• Small built

Bobsweep Pet Hair Plus Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Review

This multitasking robotic vacuum cleaner boasts one of the most effective vacuums in the industry. It possesses the only dustbin massive enough to contain bobsweeps iconic 5-in-1 cleaning technology.

The 4x boosted Turbolift suction ensures that even the tiniest of pet hair or germ is eliminated. The 1100 ml dustbin is large enough to contain dirt from your entire home. It sports an ultraviolet lamp that shines on the floor underneath, and the filter eliminates tiny particles.

It also has a display screen that can switch cleaning modes and perform check-up tests. This futuristic vacuum also contains sensors that expertly steers itself away from stairs. What’s more? When it is low on battery, it automatically goes to its charging station. You can even schedule a 7-day schedule ahead of time.

With its full command remote, you can comfortably navigate and carry out numerous cleaning functions.


• Advanced Features to pick up pet hair
• Unique Design
• Large Dustbin
• Supports UV light to kill bacteria and germs
• Effective Cleaning
• Supports self-charge
• Supports schedule planning


• Bulky
• Can be difficult to use